Object: construction of a waste aluminum chip recycling plant in the internal "mechanical processing" department with a view to circular economy 

Date of publication on the site: 2022-08-29


The company Cestaro Fonderie SpA has launched a project for the renewal of the production process in the "green" field: convinced that the territory and the environment in which it operates are the frame of its growth framework, it pays great attention and deepening to the improvement of its own "Environmental footprint".

The path that will lead to a radical development of the concept of production includes several stages including that of "recycling and reuse of mechanical processing waste". Equipped for years with a large fleet of machining centers, the company considered it interesting to investigate the possibility of reintroducing the residual material resulting from the removal of aluminum on its castings called "shavings" into its production cycle. The latter is made up of "fragments" of aluminum alloy impregnated with coolant oil, the presence of which is an obstacle to the direct recovery of the alloy itself by remelting: decisive is the construction starting from August 2022 of a specific chip recovery plant which after "hydraulic pressing" is compacted into dry "briquettes" ready to be melted again in our plants; the oil obtained is instead repeatedly reused before final disposal.

The expected and concrete benefits have already been tested:

    • an improvement in the environmental impact: shavings and oil are no longer waste, but reusable resources;
    • savings in the supply of aluminum (as well as the other components of the alloy) and lubricating coolant;
    • the advancement of a path of business development and growth in the area and in compliance with it.

Overall, therefore, the improvement involves the process within its own environmental framework: to date, the company's evolutionary path has confirmed several times that the direction is the right one since it arises from the analysis and reflection on one's social values ​​and on the pursuit of one's commitment. environmental, essential values ​​for the development of a 4.0 company.

“Intervention carried out making use of the Veneto Development and Cohesion Plan-Special Section Funding” thanks to the financial support received of € 63,725.40.

Thanks to all the bodies and offices in charge.